Selling a home, whether it is in Boston, Brookline, or Cambridge, can be complicated. The process from start to finish requires time and a proper approach to ensure the property is transferred and the best price is obtained. By taking the proper steps and preparing carefully for a sale it is always possible to find the right buyer in the most reasonable amount of time.


Making the best and strongest impression the first time around will be vital to selling your property. When the property leaves buyers with the right impression from the get-go you're in a better position. On the other hand, when buyers initially gain a poor impression, the good points are immediately overlooked. Preparation can be an important part to the puzzle, so sellers need to take time to work on outside appearances such as landscaping. Changing the paint color and removing personal items allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. The initial step in preparing a property for sale is to keep the property organized, clean and neutral.

Tips to help you sell your home



Proper pricing is important for the sale of your home. Creating a price strategy should start with finding a realistic number a seller is willing to accept, understanding fair market value and the most preference price for the seller. Pricing a property too high can cause the house to become stale and sit on the market giving the wrong impression to potential buyers. A price should be aggressive but realistic.


People need to know that you're listing your property. Sellers should always use a real estate agent to help them market the property appropriately and gain the most exposure it can. Letting people know about your sale will aid in finding appropriate buyers.


Together with a real estate agent you should be able to create a well rounded plan to promote the property. The plan should include online marketing and advertising, local advertising with signs and flyers as well as advertising in local publications and media. Finally an open house should be planned. With proper marketing your home should be able to generate enough interest.

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Your real estate agent will guide you and assist you in your negotiations. However sellers need to understand the real fair market value of their property and keep their emotions aside. Sellers that stay focused and on track with their previously determined amount will do much better.

When buyers make an offer typically a counter will ensue. Sending back a counter-offer or changing conditions can show the buyer you're interested but done incorrectly can be insulting and kill a potential deal.