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"As your agent, I can represent you on ANY Boston or Greater Boston property offered for sale,
which means my knowledge is yours. My past sales, negotiation skills, and experience to providing you the best service I can. And it's FREE!"


A Lesson in Buying:

Each Real Estate transaction has two sides  The seller’s side and the buyer’s side.

When it's time to sell, the seller calls a real estate agent (known as the listing agent) and they decides on a price for the property, the description, the commission structure and any advertising.

Soon after, the listing agent places a sign in the front yard of the property that advertises the agent and lets everyone know that the home is for sale.  The property also becomes live on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other agents (the seller's agent) is offered a part of the commission if they bring someone to the property that decides to buy it. 

The Rules

Real Estate agents have a strict set of rules they must follow. In fact we have a bunch. One of the biggest rules in "Fiduciary Duty", which means the listing agent has to act on behalf of the seller. 

So, when you’re driving down your the street and you pass that beautiful home with a for sale sign in the front yard, your first reaction may be to call the number on the sign. But, guess who answers your call?  The Realtor that has been hired by the seller and will be working in the seller's best interest.

Also, the seller's agent, if they bring the buyer directly will normally make double the commission. So, the incentive to push a deal through starts to be in the interest of the seller's agent. 

Who’s acting on your behalf? No one.


The Solution

If your call is to to me things change.  It costs you nothing to have me represent you. I'm with you each step of the way using years of experience and successful negotiation skills with one interest in mind - YOURS.

  • I'll help you determine the current market value for the property.
  • I'll help you formulate an offer that’s fair for all parties – not just the seller.
  • I'll help you resolve problems that may arise with lenders, agents and sellers.
  • I'll share our invaluable contacts to help with lending, inspections and escrows.  Professionals that we’ve worked with over and over again.
  • I'll help review the results of inspections and develop strategies to get any problems with the home corrected.
  • and much much more.
  • I'm there for you – working for you and ONLY for you – each and every day until I deliver the keys to your new home and I don’t stop there. 

Let me help find your next home!


I'm just a phone call away if you have any questions or problems after the sale, too!

Just Call Pietro at (781) 420-2436


My ultimate goal is to make you never have to call another Realtor ever again. And if I do my job correctly - you never will. My motto is to work only with the client's best interests in mind because I value the long term relationship.  

I'm with you every step of the way.


I provide clients with:


  • extensive knowledge of the Boston and surrounding area real estate market
  • find the properties that meet your needs
  • and put proven negotiating skills to work for you throughout the home buying process 


ALL at no cost to you.


  • I give you independent and immediate access to all listed properties.
  • I provide pertinent information that may not be readily accessible.
  • I negotiate the best price and terms for you with only your best interests in mind.
  • I will arrange contacts with service providers such such as lawyers, mortgage providers and contractors if needed. 
  • I represent you and only you.
  • I make a valiant effort to determine the seller's motivation and weaknesses, and pass that information along to you with a strategic plan of attack.

 As your agent, I can represent you on ANY Boston or Greater Boston property offered for sale - 

and the best part is that it cost you NOTHING!

Just Call Pietro at (781) 420-2436